Vision & Mission

The focus to provide cost effective abodes with luxurious amenities for each market segment with equal thought and dedication has brought Luxuries within the reach of common man.

Everyone and everything that adds value to the brand is considered as an asset for Karda Constructions and rewarded well whether they are designers, onsite engineers, customers, consultants, or the labor which works while the project is on in order to create the home of your dreams.

Karda Constructions is a recognized Brand in Nashik Road by now. Another salient feature which identifies with our brand name is the term ‘Hari’. The names of most all of our sole projects begin with ‘Hari’ as in ‘Hari Vihar’ or ‘Hari Sankul’. We believe it to be sacred for us as well as our customers well being. After completion of so many ambitious projects in Nashik, we now look forward for further expansion both vertical & horizontal. We wish to capture all the markets and along with all their respective market segments available yet to be explored by us for real estate development. We are bound to serve all the segments.


We wish to serve all the segments to Meet up the market gap in Nashik & increase our market share.

To provide homes to everyone, in every area within Nashik by means of
  • Innovating ways and means for better performance of men and machinery.
  • Creating projects based on the latest market trends with respect to the targeted segments.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of projects.
  • Achieving scalability in order to provide more Dreamhomes.